Wedding Photography you’ll want on your walls


Imagine you’re standing with your partner, in front of your closest friends and family…


…the officiant says the words and you’re overcome with happiness. You’ve promised to go on this adventure of life together. To be present for one another, to share in all the moments together. Your wedding day reflecting the life you will lead together. You and your partner turn towards your guests and everyone is experiencing that moment with you. Fully engaged. Not an iPhone in sight…


You want to remember how you felt in that moment…

Connected, joyous, centred. You want to see the little moments you might have missed, the tears your grandfather was dabbing away with his pocket square, the cartwheels your niece was doing in the aisle. 


Imagine sitting down with your best friend for a coffee,

laughing as you turn the pages of your album,

remembering the champagne bubbling over the glasses and onto the floors whilst you got ready. You smile as you get to the spread of the ceremony, remembering the way your partner’s voice shook as they said their vows. 


As your wedding photographers we will be present with you, before your wedding, on the day, when you receive your images, and when you choose how to showcase them in your home. We will capture your moments and deliver them to you in a way that you will use. We will craft an album that you will want on your coffee table, and prints that you will want on your walls. 


“Looking at our photos was like reliving the day and living in all the moments we missed”

Pat & Alecia are truly outstanding photographers (and wonderful people) with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. Aside from their incredible photography skills, they take initiative and help coordinate all those special moments of your day. We've worked with them several times and are amazed at the amount of preparation and research they put into the shoot before it happens. Looking at our photos was like reliving the day and living in all the moments that we missed. We can't wait for them to capture the next milestones in our lives.

- The Hothams


Hey, I’m Patrick

I know how it feels to be super uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’ve been that guy, dressed up in my finest clothes, hands in my pockets and not really sure where to look. So when you’re looking at me like that on your wedding day, I’m going to go ahead and crack a bad joke, and you might not even laugh at that joke, and then whose feeling awkward? I’d do that for you, don’t worry, I’ve got you. 

Like you, I find it difficult to use the thousands of images I capture of my family. It takes time to select the images, print them, and hang them on the walls or put them into an album. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a system to take the stress out of this process, and I’m going to walk you through it step by step, until your images are hanging right where you can see them every day. 

Prince Edward County Photographer, hockey player, husband, dad and traveller.


I’m Alecia

I know what it’s like to have a million things on your plate, and a vision of your day, and a budget (I am a mom after all!) - but seriously I too, have planned a wedding. I understand that when you come to us as your photographers, and you ask for:

  • advice on your timeline,

  • which room to get ready in,

  • what time you should have the ceremony,

you are balancing a host of other obligations and I’ve felt that pressure. 

So know this, when you book us as your photographers, I’ve made my own lists, I’m keeping track of all the little details that we need to make sure you don’t have to worry about us at all on your wedding day. 

Prince Edward County Photographer, Speech Pathologist, wife, mother and traveller.