“The dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists? Well, without the dreamers, they might never get off the ground” - Modern Family



Patrick | Alecia

Husband | Wife

Dreamer | Realist

Lifestyle | Wedding Photographers


Current Location | Canada


Parents to Isla | Alfie

Coffee Lovers

Hockey Player | Speech Pathologist



Most days you’ll find us splitting time between hanging with our seriously adorable and outrageous kiddos and creating content for this little business. Where you’ll find us depends on the time of year, we split the year into the “hockey season” and the “wedding season”. During wedding season we’re based in Belleville Ontario, but you’ll most often find us in Prince Edward Country. During the hockey season we are in Europe, this hockey season we’re in Herne, Germany.

We are mostly known for our full-fledged obsession with everything coffee, taking off at the drop of a hat to a nearby city or particularly pretty mountain and fearlessly bringing our children along for the ride. We live for spreading joy and documenting real, raw connection. We surround ourselves with people who love to adventure, whether that is across the world, or to the local market.


What is your pricing?

We offer 1 package for your wedding day. This package is $3,000 CAD. Please contact us for additional information about what is included and available add-ons.


Do you work with a second photographer?

Since we are a husband and wife team, you will always get Patrick & Alecia together for your big day.


What do you offer in your wedding day packages?

We offer coverage for the full day with two photographers (Patrick & Alecia), an album, and digital files in an Online Gallery. Add-ons include: album upgrades, social media posts, slideshow, and image boxes. We have print packages available after the wedding when you receive your photos. 


Do you do custom wedding packages?

We sure do! We would love to work with you on a custom package. Please contact us to design your unique package!


What if one or both of you is sick?

We will make sure your day is photographed by someone we trust if one or both of us are sick or can’t make it.


When will we get our photographs?

3-4 weeks after your wedding day. 


How many do I get?

We deliver up to 600 images. We aim for quality over quantity! People have an obsession with more these days, but more isn’t always better. 


Do you edit them?

Yes, we edit every single one of them ourselves to ensure the quality!


Can we have all the images taken on the day, or see the RAW image files?

No. This is like asking to see all the footage shot from a full movie production. If you would like to discuss this further, we would be more than happy to. 


Where do you live and how far do you travel?

We live in Belleville, Ontario. We travel all over the world to photograph weddings. If you are more than 250km from us, there will be some extra travel costs to cover our expenses. Please contact us for more information as each destination is unique.


Do you offer video services?

We do not currently offer video services, but it is something we would like to offer in the future. If you are interested in video services, we would be more than happy to discuss that option with you. 


Does every package come with an album.

Sure does!


When will I receive my album?

You will receive your album approximately 8-10 weeks after the wedding. 


How does the album process work?

We ask you to submit around 25 photos that are ‘must haves’ in the wedding album and then we do the rest. We take great pride in our albums to tell the story of your day and we ask that you trust us in this process. I love for it to be a surprise when you open up that box so I won’t be asking for album proofs from you, which can take a lot of additional time. 


How do we get our images?

We will deliver your images in an online gallery. From here you can view, download, share and even purchase prints directly from the gallery. 


Are my images backed-up?

Yes, we back up your images extensively, and can guarantee their safety for up to a year. We feel this is plenty of time for you to download, save and back up the images yourself. We also encourage our clients to print as much as possible to help in this process. 


Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes, an engagement session can be included in your custom package or added on. We don’t include them in our packages since we travel all over the world. However, if we are travelling for your wedding and you want us to travel for your engagement session, we would be more than happy to discuss this!


What is an adventure session?

We love these! We take you and you partner out for a day after the wedding, in your wedding attire and photograph the day. We look to create at least one epic portrait and then just relax and have a good time. This works great if you have a special location in mind that we just can't get to on your wedding day.


Can I provide you with a shot-list?

Absolutely! We will work with you on generating a shot-list for your family formals. We do posed family formals and we try to do it as quick as possible. Having a list helps everyone. If there are other photos you would like taken during the day, please feel free to ask. 


For anything other than family formals, we prefer you don’t provide us with a shot list. Every wedding is different and it can difficult to try and recreate something that was taken under completely different circumstances. We ask that you trust us! However, if there are some poses you like or would like to try we would be more than happy to discuss this and work with you before the wedding day on this. The scene may be different, but we do encourage some practice with posing before the big day if it’s something you would like to try or something you like to do. 


What is your style?

We have a documentary approach and tell the story of your day through your images. We will do subtle posing or staging and we may ask you to try a few things if you are comfortable. 


What gear do you use?

We both use Canon cameras and lenses of the highest quality.


If I cancel my wedding, do I get a refund on my deposit?

This information is all included in the contract, but the short answer is no. When you book and pay the deposit, we no longer accept commission for that day and turn everyone else away.


When should we book you?

ASAP! We often book up a year or more in advance.


Do we need to feed you at reception?

Please do! It’s a long day and we often forget to eat and drink. If you want to keep us happy and cheery all day the dinner is a perfect time to feed us. No one likes having their photo taken with their mouth stuffed with food, so we always take a small break during this time.