Don't let your photos get lost in the cloud

Technology changes. Your Album is Timeless

We preserve your memories. We make photos of real connections between you and your people. We create art for your walls, albums for your coffee table and prints to share with your family and friends. Wedding photos that will shape your memories of your wedding day.

You Deserve

A Good Freaking Album

How to get your hands on a Good Freakin’ Album




We send it off to be handmade at our local print lab in Toronto. It arrives 4-6 weeks later.

You choose the look and feel of your album cover. Material, colour and font type.

We design your album proof and schedule a call to go over each spread individually and make any changes necessary. Easy peasy.


Design your album spreads

10 spread (20 page) album sample

25 spread (50 page) album sample

Album Design

We create a custom designed album proof telling the story of your day to share with you during your proofing session.

How does the album proofing session work?

We will meet on Zoom. You will get to see the whole album, cover to cover, then we will go through each spread. You can add, delete, and switch photos until both of you are100% happy with your album.


Comes in 10x10 but can be upgraded to 12x12. We recommend the square size based on our experience with previous couples. Other sizes are available upon request.


Build your album Cover

Material. Colour. Text.

Natural Linen

Made from a cotton/ linen mixture.
An attractive texture with the essence of natural class and high durability.



Old Grey




Genuine Leather

100% Italian leather with a luscious and buttery feel.

A sleek and clean style.

True Black

Willow Grey

Charcoal Grey

Dark Chocolate

Antique White

Poppy Red

Navy Blue

Sakura Cotton

Made of a natural cotton/ rayon mixture.

Sophisticated and refined to the touch with a natural finish.

Slate Grey


Light Grey

Butter Cup

Onix Black


Animal friendly suede feels and looks like soft suede leather.

Orchid Blossom



Dove Grey

French Velvet

Luxurious hue with a touch of silver tone.



Bonne Nuit

Dusty Rose

Winter Blue

Calm Mist


Made of rayon based material from Japan.

Beautiful sheen and texture adding upscale luxury and elegance.

Navy Blue

Jet Black

Sage Green

Tiffany Blue

Ruby Red

Silver Grey

Plum Purple

Storm Blue

Eco Leather

Animal friendly leather is made to look and feel like fine leather.



Light Grey

Navy Blue



Buckram is made from heavyweight starch filled fabric that has an acrylic coating, waterproof and very durable.

Mystic Black

Smokey Grey

Midnight Black

Sparkling Gold


Finishing touches, Order & Print

+ Add vellum page to the start of the album to amp up the luxury

+ Custom album box to store your album in

+ Add Mini Albums (exact replica of your album, perfect for parents & grandparents)

Mini Albums

8x8 mini replicas of your album. Can be added on at the end of the album process. Because they are replicas, mini albums are discounted 30% and can not be customized. Newly designed albums are available at full price.

Mini albums are the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, or to gift to your kids when they are older.


We send your album to our print lab in Toronto to be printed and hand bound. It will arrive on your doorstep in 4-6 weeks.

About our Heirloom Albums

handmade locally, in Toronto, Canada.

Printed on Fine-Art Archival Fuji-Matte Paper

Lay Flat Seamless Spreads (no gaps)

Thick Pages 1.5mm

Includes 10 Spreads (upgradable up to 25 spreads)

Included Cover Materials: Eco Leather, Linen, Sakura Cotton, Japanese Silk & Buckram

Upgraded Cover Materials: Suede, French Velvet & Genuine Leather

Why get an Heirloom Album?

TECHNOLOGY CHANGES, Your album stays the same.

If your wedding photos are important to you, they need to be printed. Our wedding photos were delivered to us in 2013 on DVD. Our computers don't even have a disk drive anymore. We made sure to backup our photos in multiple locations on the cloud, some of which no longer exist. Technology changes fast. It's easy to forget passwords and lose photos.

The only photos we look at, the only photos we remember, the moments we remember - they’re all from our album or they are printed and hung on our walls. Our kids look through our album all the time. It sits on our coffee table and both our parents have one sitting on theirs. We know these will get passed down and shared for generations to come. We have no idea if our photos will remain on the cloud or even be accessible without the proper login details. We'll take the album.