Cottage Engagement Session- Weslemkoon Lake

October 29, 2020

Updated February 4, 2021

cottage engagement session at weslemkoon lake
couple embracing at sunset cottage engagement session

Kath and Nick were scheduled to be married in early August at Waupoos Winery, Prince Edward County. When COVID 19 first hit we checked in back and forth regularly, both hoping against the odds that their wedding would go ahead as planned. As the months ticked by and regulations prohibiting social gatherings stayed in place Kath and Nick made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding to 2021. 

They still had their hearts set on a romantic engagement session up at their lakeside cottage to celebrate this special time, so as soon as we were allowed to start photographing people again we road tripped up north to Weslemkoon Lake Road to capture a bit of their magic. We were greeted with lots of mosquitoes, some bug spray and lots of Rosé. It was a Canadian summer evening at the cottage in a nutshell. When Kath asked what we thought about them doing a “trust fall” into the lake to end the session we legitimately jumped for joy. These two adventurous souls were open and loving and just allowed for our creativity to flow. One of our favourite sessions so far! If you’re considering a lake-side engagement session (or intimate wedding) in Ontario and you need photography, sign us up! For other intimate engagement sessions see this Bowmanville Engagement Session, Surprise Proposal in Bloomfield, or this Prince Edward County Engagement Session

silhouette of engaged couple on cottage dock during engagement session

Being out of the water is such a huge part of the cottage experience for Kath and Nick we knew we wanted to document that connection, the lake acted as a third character in this story. Across the lake, on a small rock peak is a very special spot for Kath & Nick. We were honoured to paddle over there and spend a few quiet moments documenting them in this very special place. Our little paddleboat was no match for the wind and they had to tow us partway home – one of the funniest parts of the evening! 

engaged couple trustfall into lake at sunset
engaged couple in lake after trust fall at cottage
engagement portrait at cottage engagement session

We finished off the evening with Kath and Nick warming up by the fire and toasting to a very wild ride. We cannot wait to see what the rest of 2020 and 2021 have in store for these two beautiful souls. Thank you Kath & Nick for inviting us to capture your magic during this cottage engagement session. 

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