Newborn Lifestyle Photography in Oshawa


I would have loved to document the birth of my first niece, the images Patrick captured of our son Alfie’s birth are some of my most cherished. However, instead of weilding a camera I was in the thick of labour and delivery. My sister (Auntie B as she is lovingly referred to) was a gentle warrior throughout her first birth experience and I was there for every minute of it. After the dust had settled I managed to get back to the hospital, camera in hand to snag a few “first day of life” images. There is nothing styled, nothing pretty. It’s all raw emotion, exhaustion, and pure love.

A few days later, when the new little family of three was settled back into their own home I was able to return and grab a few more newborn images, some very special ones with a proud Papa (grandpa). Let’s be honest, I was mostly there for the newborn cuddles (not pictured) and sister support, but gosh I just love these images. There is something so intoxicating about a newborn baby and I just feel the love swell inside me every time I look back on these images.

I did not turn every single image black and white (though I am slightly obsessed with that look at the minute) since then you would have missed out on the wonder that is Isla’s fairy dress. If I thought I was excited to welcome this newest addition to our family, then what Isla was feeling was off the charts. She immediately wanted to give all sorts of cuddles and be responsible for everything from monitoring baby’s feeding schedule to organizing the changing necessities. Her love and awe of baby have not waned and she continues to spend more FaceTime calls with Auntie B asking to see baby.