Two Cheeks Studio Pricing Information

For couples who want more than just an online gallery

We take on a limited number of weddings and elopements each year, and each one includes an heirloom quality album that will last for generations.

What's Included in your package

Professional Development - We invest a lot of time and money into continual learning, experimentation and perfecting our systems. We love to collaborate with other creatives whether it’s styled shoots, curation groups or industry critiques or competitions.

We Meet - Meeting in person, or on Zoom is a non-negotiable. We are not the perfect fit for every couple, we’re not guacamole after all. It’s important to us that you feel 100% comfortable working with us. This is a partnership that hinges on open communication and clear expectations. Ask all your questions - we’re ready for them!

We Meet Again - Your engagement session will be scheduled midweek within Prince Edward County. This gets you comfortable in front of the camera, and with us. Also it’s really fun to just get to know each other before we spend your big day stuck to you like glue.

Vendor Recommendations - We’ve worked with some absolute gems, we’d love to introduce you. For a head start check out our Favourite Florists here, Officiants here, and Venues here, here, here and here.

Timeline Planning - How do you want your wedding day to feel? We’re here to guide you through a timeline that aligns with your priorities. Traditional or unconventional, the only limitation is your imagination. Just remember, everything on your wedding day takes longer than you think. Your wedding day should not be condensed, squeezed in or made to fit your photographers coverage.

Location Scouting - For venues or locations we have not been, we make a point to go check it out beforehand to help us prepare. Although we can never predict the weather and the light, we can prepare for the changing elements so we can remain 100% focused on capturing your day. If it’s not possible to scout beforehand (e.g. destination weddings) we have years of experience planning and scouting for travel locations!

Plan Family Formals - We’ll walk you through planning your list of Family Formals. On your wedding day we bang them out painlessly and then hop right back into documentary mode.

Communication - We will answer all of your questions and explain our process so there are no surprises. If there is anything missing or you have more questions, please ask! We respond to emails within 24-48 hours Monday- Friday 9AM - 4PM.

Wedding Day Prep - As you can already see, we spend a lot of time preparing for your day. We make a point to not overbook ourselves so we can take the time to give you the attention you deserve leading up to your wedding.

2 Photographers (wife/husband) - Very important. 2 photographers to document your day. You get 2 professional photographers who could photograph your day and run our own businesses solo- thankfully we choose to do this together. You get 2 partners who can read each other’s minds, anticipate each other’s moves, and both choose to prioritize moments and how your experience feels over everything. We take great pride in planning, documenting and delivering your photographs.

Same Day Backup - We shoot every single photo to two memory cards. We then download the photos and save to multiple locations immediately after your wedding.

Be Present in the Moment - We will do our part to make everyone comfortable having us around. Your job is to be fully present with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. Do your best to put your phones away and be confident that we will capture your day. We will plan ahead with you so we are fully aware of any particular moments, heirlooms or traditions you absolutely want documented.

We Work Really F*cking Hard - One of the reasons we don't photograph back to back days is we work really f*cking hard on your wedding day. We give it everything we have. We keep our cameras up all day and we never stop moving/thinking/shooting.

High-Res Photographs - Included.

Culling - We thoughtfully shoot the sh*t out of your wedding. We look for moments and we shoot through them. We then cull the 10,000-12,000 frames (seriously) down to around 500.

Custom Edits - Pat edits all the photos in our signature style which we have spent years refining.

Sneak Peak - This is a surprise, that's all the information we are going to give you. Oh, and you’ll love it.

Fast Delivery - You get your photos in 3 weeks. We love on your photos and thoughtfully curate your gallery and album while it’s still fresh in our mind.

Grand Premiere - Once you’ve set up a date night together and sent us a selfie we’ll send over your Premiere Slideshow. Tuck in with a big screen and relive your wedding day for the first time together.

Online Gallery - Your photos are delivered to you via Online Gallery.

Online Gallery Backup - We keep your photos backed up for 1 month after the wedding day while your online gallery is available for 12 months. Upon delivery we encourage you to backup in multiple locations. You have the option to keep your online gallery safe and hosted with us for a yearly fee available for purchase directly from your gallery.

Share with Friends and Family - You can easily share your entire gallery with family and friends. You also have the ability to hide specific photos if you would like to further curate the gallery for specific people.

Fine Art Heirloom Albums - Made in Canada, check out our albums page here.

Album Design - We will design an album for you and send it your way. We will then schedule a call and go through each spread 1 by 1 until you are happy with your album design. We include a 10x10 album with 10 spreads in your wedding package. Each additional spread costs 100. We will often design a 15-20 spread album, however the choice is yours to keep it the same, remove spreads, or add more.

Online Store - Purchase prints and wall art directly from your gallery via the Online Store. We have hand-selected the print companies and options to give you the best products possible. *Prices are subject to change.

Priceless Memories - We want you to remember how your day felt and the people you were with, not having your picture taken.

bride and groom full of relief and excitement after first look in prince edward county at Carlo Estate Winery
groom having face mask applied at villa il pozzo italy
mother reacts to seeing daughter for first time in her wedding dress

Be Present

Show up, feel all the things, focus on moments.

Be Intentional

Your wedding is not a photoshoot, you have a unique story.

Be Kind



Clear, Timely, Transparent.

Keep Learning

Curiosity. Creativity.


Makes the dream work. Obviously.


Love is Love. We believe everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. We are here to affirm your love regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, religion, ability or ethnicity.

Our 3 step approach to posing on your wedding day

How we brake it down


Documentary Style - 90% of your day will be documentary style, which means we follow the stories that unfold organically. We are not crime scene photographers, haphazardly clicking and delivering snapshots. We intentionally compose our frames based on the interaction, the light, and the competing elements to make the moment sing in the finished photograph.


Couples Portraits - 5% of your day will be "posed portraits” with your lover. Our approach is probably not what you expect. We will act as directors giving you prompts to connect with each other, cueing you through movements that look and feel natural. No chin adjustments here.


Family Formals - 5% of your day will be set aside for Family Portraits. We plan for and painlessly photograph these very important family heirlooms. We will get a list of all the combinations you want beforehand and have someone close to you help corral your family members. One of us will then place and organize you (no sunglasses, phones in pockets etc), while the other one will take the photos. Our favourite Family Formals are a bit quirky, the ones where the kids run through the frame, or grandma makes a funny face, your job is to relax and trust the process.

Al (SHe/Her) & Pat (He/Him)

wedding photographers from pec with their family

Love is Love. We believe everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. We are here to affirm your love regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, religion, ability or ethnicity.

Because we get our own photos done every year, we know how it feels in front of the camera. To wonder if it's worth it. As a wife and husband Prince Edward County wedding photography team, we have an uncanny ability to put people at ease. So when you're holding your album or looking at your newly printed photos on the wall, you remember how those moments felt, not the photographers.

More About Us

bride and groom walking silhouette with twinkle lights at tuscan villa in italy
groomsmen helping cut grooms hair before wedding in tuscany
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Single Day Coverage

High-Res Digital Photos

Album Design Session

Art Design Session

10x10 Heirloom Album (10 spreads)

Engagement Session (within PEC)

Online Gallery for 12 months

Online Store


Elopement | 6000 CAD

Up to 6 Hours or 20 People or Less

High-Res Digital Photos

Album Design Session

Art Design Session

10x10 Heirloom Album (10 spreads)

Engagement Session (within PEC)

Online Gallery for 12 months

Online Store



We understand that every wedding is different. Please contact us for a custom quote if you would like to work with us.