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Canadian Wedding Photographers

Will you lay low and get ready as a couple, with your people or by yourself? Will you head out for an adventure, a swim in the lake or a hike in the mountains? Whatever you decide, we will be there with our cameras up, making everyone comfortable with our presence, blending in with your group.

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Will you choose to share a quiet moment with your love before the ceremony? Will you plan a big reveal? Perhaps you’ll take this time to share personal vows, just the two of you.

A ring-warming ceremony, a tea ceremony, planned with an officiant or with a friend, make your ceremony true to yourselves as a couple. We will take note of any rituals or traditions you plan to incorporate and be sure to capture those moments. Take the time and be intentional, say the things that are in your heart.

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Some couples choose to do a few mini sessions (5-10 minute) sprinkled throughout the day, while some choose to do a full adventure (~an hour at a separate location). This time allows for you to breathe and soak in the moment together, in the best possible light.

From a picnic for two at the beach, to a ballroom full of rowdy friends and family, choose the elements that make you come alive. You will look back on tear-filled speeches, grandma hitting the dance floor and everything in between.

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More About ALbums

We take printing your memories seriously. We work with local professional print labs because we know the tones we work so hard to perfect will look exactly as we intended them to look. Your photographs are meant to be printed, not just browsed on a screen. With over 10 years combined experience in photography and our studio’s focus on delivering custom heirloom products, we will work with you to ensure your memories are captured, delivered and printed for you to enjoy now and for generations to come. When you’re holding your album or looking at your printed photographs you will remember how you felt in that moment, not the photographer.

Everyone wants to "make magic together" and "capture you authentically" so

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We know each other inside and out.

What are we taking photos of and why.

Your wedding is not a photoshoot.

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We are Al & Pat, a wife and husband photography team based in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Be Present

Show up, feel all the things, focus on moments.

Be Intentional

Be Kind



Clear, Timely, Transparent.

Keep Learning

Curiosity. Creativity.


Makes the dream work. Obviously.


Love is Love. We believe everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. We are here to affirm your love regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, religion, ability or ethnicity.

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