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March 15, 2021

Updated September 27, 2021

Your wedding or elopement should be about you. You are choosing the place, the people and the traditions that mean something to you as a couple. An intentional ceremony, customized to you as a couple is an integral part of your day. Our wedding and elopement couples consistently tell us that they are drawn to our ceremony photographs because they have so much emotion – well friends, that emotion is real, and it is evoked by officiants who get to know their couples and cater the ceremony to their individual union. We reached out to our favourite Prince Edward County Wedding Officiants to gather information about each of their offerings so that you can connect with the officiant that will fit perfectly with your wedding or elopement vision.

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One quick note: we recently learned from one of our couples that not all Prince Edward County wedding vendors are LGBTQIA+ friendly and this couple felt they had to ask each vendor individually before inquiring about their services. We make it a priority to work with vendors who are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and will continue to ask vendors directly before recommending their services to any of our couples. Keep reading to learn more about these inclusive, LGBTQIA+ friendly officiants from Prince Edward County, Ontario. 

Top Wedding Officiants, Prince Edward County (Ontario)

Brittany Shannon, Sandbanks Ceremonies 

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Brittany is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant based in Prince Edward County who works with you to create meaningful and memorable nuptials that reflect your unique values and love story. Brittany offers bespoke vows, incorporating various traditions, readings and rituals in each ceremony. She is an absolute light to work with, she is featured in our Elopement at the Drake Devonshire blog post

1. Do you work with LGBTQIA+ couples? 

Yes, I do work with LGBTQIA+ couples and am a supportive ally. 

2. How long are the wedding ceremonies you perform on average?  

On average, most wedding ceremonies I perform are between 20 to 40 minutes. This number is completely dependent upon the wishes of the couple and the level of personalization they envision for their ceremony. 

3. How much does a wedding ceremony typically cost? 

A typical ceremony ranges in price. It depends upon factors including the date and time of the event, the size of the wedding party, and the number of guests. My beautifully simple, mid-week elopement packages begin at $300 and range upward to highly personalized, custom-crafted weekend ceremonies for $600.00 plus. 

4. What inspires you about weddings? 

Simply stated – weddings make my entire being glow! The radiance emitted by a couple when they are truly in love is incredible to witness and wholly inspiring. I will forever feel honoured to share with couples that moment when they commit themselves fully to another person. When vows are spoken directly from the heart, I am reminded of how much beauty exists in the human experience. 

5. Do you have one tip for couples planning their wedding or elopement? 

My piece of advice to couples planning their wedding or elopement ceremony is as old as the hills: BE YOURSELF. From my perspective, a wedding ceremony represents the beginning of what can grow into a long and healthy marriage. For this reason, I believe it is best to honour your relationship with ceremonial elements that genuinely reflect each of your personalities. From personalized wedding and ring vows to readings or quotes from notable authors or figures of inspiration to unique unity rituals that enrich the entire experience, your ceremony has the power to radically elevate and transport your love to the next stage of your relationship… if you let it;). 

Brittany Shannon
Life-Cycle Celebrant  
By phone: 613 847 3707
By Email: [email protected]

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Karin Desveaux, Weddings By Karin

Karin is a licensed Wedding Officiant who provides Marriage & Vow Renewal Ceremonies and Legal Signings throughout Ontario. She supports you to create a ceremony that is a perfect fit for you as a couple, while also meeting the Ontario legal regulations. She provides you with the option to use her ceremony templates, and to personalize them as much or as little as you like, incorporating shared interests, cultural themes and rituals that are meaningful to you.

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1. Do you work with LGBTQIA+ couples? 


2. How long are the wedding ceremonies you perform on average?  

Usually about 15-20 minutes but some are longer or shorter, depending on how big the bridal party is, how many readings are included, rituals (sand ceremony etc).

3. How much does a ceremony typically cost? 


4. What inspires you about weddings? 

I feel deeply grateful every time I get to perform a ceremony; the palpable connection between two people as they pledge their lives to one another fills my cup and assures me that love is really the most powerful force.

5. Do you have one tip for couples planning their wedding or elopement? 

Remember that the whole thing is about YOU…your connection, your love, your commitment to one another. As such, your wedding should reflect your preferences, personalities and be as simple or complex as you wish it to be.

Karin Desveaux, Weddings By Karin
Wedding Officiant 
By Phone: 613 243 9403
By Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @weddingsbykarin
Licensed through Angels of The Earth Interfaith Community

Craig Logan, Craig Logan Officiating

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Craig is a licensed Wedding Officiant who performs Wedding Ceremonies and Legal Signings. Craig started in the wedding industry as a DJ, playing over 1200 weddings. He is knowledgeable and confident in assisting you with all of your wedding needs. He is thrilled to work with you to make your wedding day everything you have dreamed of. 

1. Do you work with LGBTQIA+ couples? 

Yes, I work with LGBTQIA+ couples on a regular basis. I believe Love is Love.

2. How long are the wedding ceremonies you perform on average?  

The average wedding ceremony I perform is, at most, 15 minutes. (no fluff in my ceremonies!)

3. How much does a ceremony typically cost? 

A wedding ceremony is $475.

4. What inspires you about weddings? 

Simply put, love is my inspiration. Who doesn’t love a good wedding:)  The positive vibes, tears of happiness, family & friends gathered to celebrate the couple….this combination of magic keeps me looking forward to each and every wedding I perform. 

5. Do you have one tip for couples planning their wedding or elopement? 

One tip…hmmm….book your vendors as soon as you can. All the best book months (and often a year or two) in advance. Enjoy the planning process. It shouldn’t be stressful. Remember, the day is all about the two of you…keep it light, fun and relaxed! 

Craig Logan, Craig Logan Officiating
Licensed Wedding Officiant
By Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @craigloganofficiating

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