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Good Freakin' Photos

We preserve moments in time. Moments of joy and sadness. The connection between grandparent and grandchild. We grow up too fast and we forget too easily. We make photos of the real connections between real people who want to remember those moments. We create art for your walls, albums for your coffee table and prints to share with your family and friends.

grandma and grandson having a quiet moment
dad holding son laughing and playing in prince edward county
upset toddler and mom comforting him




Heirloom albums that will last for generations. The best way to experience and share your photos.

We will help you design and choose art for your home. Having photos of loved ones on your wall makes you happier.

Print your photos. Technology changes fast.

Your Family Deserves

Good Freakin' Photos

Pat (He/Him) & Al (SHe/Her)

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Love is Love. We are here to affirm your love regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, religion, ability or ethnicity.

Because we get our own photos done every year, we know how it feels in front of the camera. To wonder if it's worth it. As a wife and husband Prince Edward County photography team, we have an uncanny ability to put people at ease. So when you're holding your album or looking at your newly printed photos on the wall, you remember how those moments felt, not the photographers.

More About Us

toddler jumping on the bed while mom watches with dads hand reaching in
grandma and grandson having a quiet moment
grandpa making baby smile on the dock in prince edward county with family in the background
tired baby on mothers shoulder at the beach
kid holding his new dog at sunset
mom holding newborn in the window light
sisters upset while hoola hooping
toddler holding his dads hand walking from above
family photo with toddler being silly and parents laughing at the drake devonshire
hands rubbing pregnant belly in germany
upset toddler and mom comforting him
toddler playing outside with her cousins
daughter hugging and giving her mom a big kiss in pec
grandparents sunset portrait with their granddaughter in Prince Edward County at the Edward
family hands and feet from above at the lakeside motel
grandparents and grandkids throwing flowers into the air in a field at sunset
dad holding son laughing and playing in prince edward county
toddler playing on the rocks by the water at lakeside motel in pec
mother and daughter picking wild flowers at sunset at the edward bed and breakfast
toddler looking away with mom and sister holding hands behind her in Prince Edward County

How it works

1. Schedule a call

An easy 30 minute conversation to go over how we will work together to capture your memories.

2. Photo Session

Meet for your family portrait session or your 'Day in the Life' session.

3. Art

We will schedule a call to create your wall art and album right in front of your eyes.

"When we were thinking of having family photos done our main goal was to capture how our family interacts every day (with slightly nicer clothing). Pat and Al exceeded our expectations. During the shoot we felt at ease to play, laugh and even dance our way through the session without having to worry about being posed right or looking at the camera. When they sent us our gallery we were so happy. Our galley is a small snippet of time that embodies our every day lives. We will cherish our memories from the day as well as the photos. Thanks Two Cheeks Studio for capturing our lives as we live them. If you’re on the fence about family photos, I highly recommend you choose Two Cheeks because the days are short and the memories are fleeting but the photos on the walls keep them close." - Luke