B + L’s Intimate Outdoor Wedding, Ontario

September 28, 2021

Brittany and Luke chose to celebrate their love with an intimate outdoor wedding mid-pandemic in Prince Edward County, Ontario. They thoughtfully chose elements that supported their guests to feel comfortable at every stage, including a dear friend who has a compromised immune system and several young children who haven’t been vaccinated yet. 

They worked with all the vendors to ensure the event felt like a warm gathering (family-style meal, long tables) while ensuring strict covid protocols were implemented. Sheer joy emanated from the guests and couple as everyone celebrated this perfect moment, especially since most people haven’t gathered in this large of a group in over 18 months. 

Brittany got ready surrounded by her two-year-old daughter, parents, sister, niece, nephew, and best friend, while Luke got ready surrounded by his parents, brothers, nieces, and nephew. Each partner rented an Airbnb where their families stayed (together) for a few days during the wedding week. Luke and Brittany had an emotional first look on the grounds of 100 Acre Wood before their guests arrived. In the shade of an old wooden barn, they said their personal vows with tear-stained cheeks. As the musicians struck up the tune of “Simply the best” Brittany made her entrance to the ceremony. Luke burst out laughing at the surprise song and the couple spent the rest of the ceremony clutching each other and smiling ear to ear. Never have I witnessed such sheer joy. 

The couple chose to invite each guest to join them for a traditional portrait during cocktail hour, then sipped Aperol spritzes until dinner. Guests took selfies with an Instax camera and taped them into the guestbook with well wishes. Dinner featured incredible, locally sourced, family-style courses paired with local wines. Family members gave heartfelt speeches in between courses, leaving the couple and their guests in tears repeatedly. 

Brittany and Luke opted for a sunset portrait session – a chance to connect with each other and take in their beautiful surroundings. They were treated to a golden sunset over the fields of wildflowers. 

Following dinner, Brittany and Luke shared their first dance surrounded by their loved ones with sparklers. They laughed and cried as their two-year-old cheered them on. The evening concluded with the guests moving to the chapel for dancing – their playlist included hits from ABBA, The Spice Girls, Black Eyed Peas, among others – it traversed the friendship of Brittany and her best friend Cassie (who organized the playlist). As guests headed out they grabbed a “roadside burger” bag from the chef – a locally sourced, cheeseburger and fries- for the ride home. Perfection.

Table of Contents

Getting wedding ready in an Airbnb in Prince Edward County

jacquiek makeup artist doing wedding makeup for bride prince edward county
jacquiek applying bridal makeup before pec wedding
bride and mother sitting writing vows in pec airbnb
bride and daughter snuggle while getting ready for wedding
bride helping daughter put on shoes before pec wedding
maid of honour dancing with son ontario wedding
groom getting dressed with groomsman wear tie
grooms party hanging out before ontario intimate wedding

Emotional First Look in front of rustic barn at 100 Acre Wood

bride and maid of honour getting into tesla with wedding cake
bride getting out of tesla before first look at 100 acre wood
emotional first look with bride and groom in front of barn
wedding couple cry during first look outside barn ontario
emotional wedding couple during first look at 100 acre wood
bride groom harsh light portrait prince edward county

Intimate Wedding Ceremony, outdoors at 100 Acre Wood

bride looking out chapel door at 100 acre wood wedding

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

maid of honour looks out chapel window with reflection 100 acre wood
bride and father walk out of 100 acre wood chapel
bride and groom walk through petal toss at intimate ontario wedding

Wedding Reception at 100 Acre Wood

kids at wedding reception laughing and playing
maid of honour speech at intimate ontario wedding
child looking bored during speech at intimate wedding
bride and groom cry during speeches at intimate ontario wedding
bride and groom first dance outside with sparklers ontario

Golden Hour Portraits at 100 Acre Wood

bride and groom snuggle during golden hour portraits 100 acre wood
bride and groom walk towards outdoor reception at 100 acre wood

The Prince Edward County Wedding Vendors:

Accommodations | Airbnb
Hair & Makeup | JacquieK
Photography | Two Cheeks Studio
Venue | 100 Acre Wood
Florals | Alexis Joy Florals
Officiant | Weddings by Karin
Live Music | Luxe Duo
Wedding Dress | The Bride’s Project TO
Wedding Party Dresses | Park and Fifth
Ring | Bluboho
Groom’s Suit | Got Style Toronto
Groom’s Party Ties & Socks | Groomsman Gear
Groom’s Ring | Ring and Grove Co
Vow Books | Forest Nine

bride and groom inside 100 acre wood for sunset portrait in prince edward county

If you are looking for an intimate wedding venue for your Prince Edward County wedding I can highly recommend 100 Acre Wood, for all the details you can check out our Featured Venue Post on 100 Acre Wood. For additional recommendations check out our Top 20+ Wedding Venues in Prince Edward County.

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